Straight Up DVD Series

12 - Message DVD Series

Straight Up is an exciting 12-message series from Dr. Jack Graham that shows you what the Scripture has to say about some of the most controversial topics of our day.

Avoiding popular opinion, Dr. Graham goes right to the heart of such issues as same-sex marriage and attraction, when life really begins, and whether or not love can really last a lifetime. With each message, you’ll become better prepared to offer a bold, biblical, and compassionate response to some of the most important issues in our culture.

The Straight Up series contains the following messages:

Are All Religions the Same?
Are Same-Sex Relationships Really the Same?
Can Love Last a Lifetime?
Can You Trust the Bible?
Can a Person Really Change?
Is it Right to Say You’re Wrong?
How Can I Know the Will of God?
When Does Life Begin?
How Can I Be a Hero to My Kids?
Israel, America and the Road to the Future
Socialism and Capitalism


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