Walk closely with God in this new year!

Walk closely with God in this new year!

When we face life’s many pressures and stresses, we can often feel overwhelmed. It’s in those times that the Lord beckons us to listen to His still small voice and to feed on His Word daily for direction and comfort. 

That’s why I wrote my 180-day devotional entitled Moments in the Word. And it’s also why I want to send you a copy as thanks for your gift today.

My prayer is that Moments in the Word helps you connect with God more deeply so that your daily time with Him becomes a lifeline to hope in the weeks and months ahead. 

Request Moments in the Word on the enclosed reply card when you give today – knowing you’re helping launch this new year of broadcasting the Gospel to millions on television and online.  

God bless you!

A minimum donation of $25 is required for all orders outside of the United States for shipping/handling fees. 

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