All Things New

173 Page Softcover Book

From an upcoming presidential election to terror spreading across much of the world, it’s easy to become discouraged and overwhelmed by the amount of uncertainty we face in the year ahead.

In it, Pastor Graham takes you chapter by chapter through Revelation to show you what this amazing book means… and why it matters in your life today.

The book of Revelation is a guide to the signs, circumstances, and events that precede and coincide with the return of Jesus. Revelation is history pre-written. It is not an allegory; it is not poetry. It is God’s holy Word filled with judgment and warnings, terror and tribulation, but at its core, it is a book of hope.

Why? Because Revelation contains practical, uplifting words for every believer. Dr. Jack Graham’s exposition of the truth found in Revelation assures those of us who know and follows Jesus that despite the trials and upcoming judgement, God has promised to make all things new, and our future will only get better. Jesus holds history in His hand, and His return will change the world.


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