Overcome fear with God’s perfect peace!

Overcome fear with God’s perfect peace!

The events of this year have caused many people to experience fear, anxiety, and worry like never before. But don’t let fear have the final say in your life!    

I’d like to send you my NEW resource, the Breaking Free from Fear booklet, to help you experience the perfect peace Jesus offers. It’s my way to thank you for your gift to proclaim God’s truth in these challenging times.

You’ll discover why few emotions have as much power over you as fear – and how God gives you all you need to control fear by His power so you can experience the perfect peace He promises.   

Request Breaking Free from Fear when you give today. And thank you for helping to share the life-transforming message of God’s Word with people struggling with fear.

A minimum donation of $25 is required for all orders outside of the United States for shipping/handling fees. 

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